Aotearoa New Zealand’s TOP 50 most influential & inspiring women in food & drink 2024

As we head towards International Women’s Day on 8 March 2024, we present our list to recognise both the leading lights and many young and up-and-coming achievers within the diverse sectors of our food-and-drink industry.

Women in Food & Drink

 Aotearoa New Zealand

The national initiative to connect all women in food and drink across Aotearoa New Zealand to network, educate and support, while sharing ideas and knowledge about the many diverse layers of the food and drink industry.

Building a Powerful Community in Food & Drink

For women in business, entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, influencers, educators, developers, creators, story tellers, growers, producers,  inventors, scientists, marketers, retailers, farmers, nutritionists, exporters, importers, designers, communicators, hospitality professionals and so many more. 
We encourage women working to tell the New Zealand food story outside of New Zealand to join us as well. Together our voice will be stronger.


Connecting & Transforming

Our mission: To inspire, advance and support women who work within the diverse layers of food, drink and hospitality to achieve and celebrate excellence by leadership and to encourage mentoring, friendship and philanthropy.

Our Awards & Events

Take a look through our achievements in 2023 and our evolving events for 2024

top 50 women in food & drink 2023

Meet the magnificent women contributing to a food-and-drink story in 2023 of which we can all be proud.

Women in food and drink awards 2023

Watch the video highlights as influential and inspiring women from around the country came together on 8 March 2023.

hall of fame nominees 2023

Meet the leaders and influencers who have paved the way for all of us to build careers and continue their legacy.

Top three women in food & drink 2023

Meet the three most inspiring and influential women in food-and-drink New Zealand, Aotearoa in 2023.

TOP 50 2024

Meet our Magnificent TOP 50 Women In Food & Drink for 2024

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MARCH 7, 2024

The Women in Food and Drink Awards 2024

Join us for lunch on 7 March - the day before International Women's Day - to celebrate our most inspiring women in food and drink.


networking Events across new zealand, aotearoa

We're developing a series of networking events around the country to help you network and build our community


women in food & drink conference 2024

Featuring women's views and voices on major food issues, solutions and opportunities.


"A collection of incredible, inspring, achieving women who have all elected to be in an industry that isn't easy. I love being surrounded by such positivity and motivation and collectively is where we will find our strength in this industry."
Rachel Taulelei
Co-founder Oho & Supreme Woman in Food & Drink winner 2023
“So inspiring to be in a room with women who are making big moves in the world of food and drink.
It's the community I work in and I want to be a part of it"
Fiona Hugues
Award-winning Food and event stylist
“This inspiring initiative has got me thinking about the future of women in food and drink in New zealand and what we can become as a force together. Great things come from small beginnings."
Sarah Meikle
CEO Wellington Culinary Events trust & Festival Director Visa Wellington On a Plate